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Our Philosophy

Whether your goal is to create a new website for personal or small-business needs, or to breathe fresh life into an existing website, Arcit can help you. Our comprehensive graphic and web design solutions are tailored to your every need. All of our websites are designed to meet and exceed the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards as well as being fully accessible via tablet and mobile devices.

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Our Method

First, we sit down with our clients to determine the needs and goals of their projects, whether they want to create a personal blog, expand their retail business to capture the online market, or simply update their existing website.

Next, we plan out the general structure, plan design elements, and generate text content to fit the target audience.

The second to last step before deployment is to actually design and fill out the website into draft form.

Finally, the website design and content is finalized for upload and search engine optimization options are implemented. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a burgeoning subject of interest within the online community that focuses around the ability of web designers to increase the ranking of their websites on search engines and maximize visibility across the web to attract the greatest amount of visitors possible.

Our Products

In order to best suit the needs of our clients we tailor our websites to fit your specific audience and frequency of which you seek to update your information.

All of our websites are created with rich interactive content so as to generate a maximum of interest regardless of the subject.

While creating websites is our primary purpose, we also offer to our clients dynamic marketing and public relations solutions so as to promote an existing business or compliment an online presence. In doing so we help our clients create a comprehensive forward-thinking business solution to remain ahead in the 21st century.

To view our previously created projects please visit the portfolio page or
Click Here

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