How To: Website Development

What is website development? Website development, or web dev, is the function, process, and development of transforming a business or idea into a functional, cross-platform website for millions of people to view and digest. The first step in developing a customized website is to gather a team of developers, programmers, graphic designers, and marketing professionals to help define goals for the web site and help with its creation and marketing efforts.

Create SEO Friendly Content

Website developers must create web-friendly content based off of the goals and direction of the owner in order to take advantage of search engine crawlers. Crawlers are used by search engines such as Google and Bing in order to rank a website against others with the same keywords, and the process of writing in this fashion is often compared to that of a novelist who is suddenly only allowed to use words found in a simple tourist dictionary! Writing search engine optimized content involves a combination of keyword research and competition analysis which can take several days to research thoroughly and should be updated every few months in order to take advantage of seasonal trends. Click here to learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

Website Framework

Website navigation and accessibility are two of the most important functions web developers and coders keep in mind when building customized websites. Visitors should be able to access any two pages on a website within two clicks of a button and should always know where they are and have easy access to the information they seek. Web developers are also tasked with coordinating between graphic designers and site owners in order to create customized textures and color templates on which designs and coded content will be based off of. Finally, it is always advised to provide accessibility to the blind and visually impaired by providing graphics and media elements with alternative descriptions to assist screen reading applications.

Social-Media integration

Setting up sister sites on larger social media networks such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help secure a high search engine ranking for a given web site. Interlinking and out-linking to a given website will create buzz and help with initial search engine ranking. Website rankings will vary greatly within the first month and any major changes to the site should not be made until a proper assessment of key words can be made. Click here to learn more about Social Media Marketing.

Going live

Once a webhost and web site address have been found and agreed upon, the website will be published or uploaded onto the web. After-launch marketing efforts should be planned in advance and pushed to coincide with the launch.

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